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About Mauro Biasella

Mauro Biasella aims to bring the unique Italian style and experience to your personal life. Through superior craftmanship from Rome and Naples and decades of sartorial experience we want to realize traditional garments that reflect your personal style.

Our History


Established in 1950 in Rome by Mauro Biasella's family, the company has always been focused on finding the best quality fabrics to manufacture the client's garments. We believe in our local suppliers and we only source finest materials.

Working with the best tailors in Rome and Naples, Mauro Biasella gained an extensive experience on all aspects of the art of tailoring; Trough more than 50 years of experience he became a renown expert in man's clothing across Italy and beyond.

Since 2002 Mauro Biasella started serving US customer. Currently based in Los Angeles, Mauro Biasella has been offering his quality services to a wide range of local celebrities and business executives.  




Our Expertise

We work closely with our customers to make sure that their particular demands are met; We want to provide the best customer experience assisting them with all the process from the initial consultation to the final fitting.




Our Commitment

We promise to provide you with the best tailoring
experience. Our commitment to quality underlies all of our products; Our focus is on meeting on our customers demands for the finest garments and providing a world class service. 

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